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How to Best Utilize Google Classroom as a Teacher

published on 24 October 2020 by sunlightmedia.org
Why Google Classroom? As people of all professions continue to adjust to the new post-Covid-19 reality, there is one group of people that have had to make exceptional changes to their work and professional methodologies: teachers. Adjusting to the onli... >> read more

The Art of Brand Positioning in Your Market

published on 24 October 2020 by inkbotdesign.com
Learn the Art of Brand Positioning in Your Market with some exclusive tips on Position Statements and Branding Positioning Examples from Inkbot Design. The post The Art of Brand Positioning in Your Market is by Stuart and appeared first on Inkbot Desig... >> read more

The Benefits of Ecommerce Integration for You and Your Business

published on 23 October 2020 by purenet.co.uk
You strive to deliver a satisfying, enjoyable and efficient shopping experience for your customers. But what about the experience that you and your business faces behind the scenes? Without ecommerce integration, chances are you’re likely dealing... >> read more

Perlukah Profil Perusahaan Dicantumkan dalam Laporan Keberlanjutan?

published on 23 October 2020 by soocadesign.com
Profil Perusahaan Profil perusahaan merupakan suatu deskripsi mengenai perusahaan yang disusun secara ringkas. Deskripsi ini berisi tentang kualitas dan fokus kerja dari suatu perusahaan. Perusahaan yang ingin menawarkan produk kepada para konsumen jug... >> read more

Adapt or Die By Your Marketing

published on 23 October 2020 by stingraybranding.com
The world is in a constant state of change. This wisdom has prevailed through all of human history for good reason, but that change seems different now. The continuing impact of the pandemic on the economy has made this one of the most challenging time... >> read more

How Passages of Content Can Improve SEO

published on 23 October 2020 by jump2itmedia.com
Google have recently confirmed, via their Twitter @searchliaison account, that they now “consider passages from pages as an additional ranking factor.”   What does this mean? Simply put, this change allows content writers and SEO speci... >> read more

CAF funding opportunity for charities

published on 23 October 2020 by espprojects.co.uk
CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) has launched a new £20m grant fund.  Both registered and unregistered small and mid-sized charitable organisations, including community interest companies and community education organisations can apply, and the... >> read more

UX and SEO: Does UX Design Affect SEO?

published on 23 October 2020 by tecmark.co.uk
Optimising for search is much more than just keyword research, quality content, and link building. User experience matters If you work in SEO, you’re probably... The post UX and SEO: Does UX Design Affect SEO? appeared first on Tecmark. ... >> read more

Payday Loans With Bad Credit Can Be Simple to Find

published on 23 October 2020 by rsdisplays.co.uk
When your credit history is low, loans with bad credit are issued. They also work like normal bank loans, but in order to simply take the loan out you want to get a bank checking account. This makes them easier to obtain because there’s absolutel... >> read more

Can Social Media Analysis Predict the Strictly Come Dancing 2020 Winner? 

published on 23 October 2020 by mediaworks.co.uk
The glitz and glamour of the ballroom is back as Strictly Come Dancing returns to TV screens across the UK, pulling in more than nine million viewers for the launch show.  With the highest ratings the show has seen for three years, the social buzz is a... >> read more

Instagram Celebrates Turning 10 with New Features

published on 23 October 2020 by fifteendesign.co.uk
Instagram is 10 years old! The popular social media platform has been an ever-present icon in our lives and they’ve decided to celebrate this milestone with a few new features. We’ll look at the latest updates, including a certain Instagram icon easter... >> read more

Telemedicine App Development: Benefits, Tech Stack, Cost

published on 23 October 2020 by vironit.com
According to Fortune Business Insights forecasts, the global telemedicine market will grow 2.5 times in the next six years, indicating the inevitable transition of healthcare and medicine online. Due to the COVID-19, healthcare institutions felt an urg... >> read more

Maintaining Dimensional Stability in Aluminum Machining

published on 23 October 2020 by waykenrm.com
How to fix the problems of dimensional instability of aluminum? Here, we’ll present ways to counteract the dilemmas encountered in the machining of aluminum.... >> read more

K-Rad (Kartell UK) Radiators

published on 23 October 2020 by poshrads.co.uk
We are delighted to introduce our K-Rad designer radiator collection. K-Rad radiators are amongst our best sellers here at PoshRads, The post K-Rad (Kartell UK) Radiators appeared first on Poshrads - Designer Radiators. ... >> read more

Why internal links are so important for your SEO

published on 23 October 2020 by paramountdigital.co.uk
Internal links really don’t get the credit they deserve. While external backlink strategies regularly take the stage at award ceremonies and are dragged in front ... Read BlogWhy internal links are so important for your SEO The post Why internal links... >> read more

Halloween 2020: All Trick and no Treat?

published on 23 October 2020 by escapadepr.com
With traditional trick or treating off the agenda for many in the UK this year, Halloween looks set to be all trick and no treat for many Brits. Or at least, Halloween is likely to be very different for those who like to celebrate in spooktacular style... >> read more

How to Use Buyer Personas in Your Digital Marketing

published on 22 October 2020 by digivate.com
Buyer personas help to improve the relevance of your digital marketing campaigns across organic, paid and earned media. Below you are going to find out how. Defining buyer personas will keep you focused on addressing customer needs instead of what you ... >> read more

Small Business Coronavirus Lockdown Help

published on 22 October 2020 by netcentrics.co.uk
Don’t fret — act! Get in touch today! Wales is entering another COVID-19 lockdown (as of October 23rd). Folks found this post helpful back in March, so I’m updating it with some new offers. As small business owners in these difficult times, we nee... >> read more

Avoid Cheap SEO Services

published on 22 October 2020 by saylesindustries.com
Why You Should Avoid Cheap SEO Services It is a safe claim to make that most people who fall on hard times usually strive to cut their budgets to influence more efficient spending. Heading into the marketing world, when it comes to content marketing, w... >> read more

Q&A with Packlane CEO, Miriam Brafman, On Creating A Stellar Unboxing Experience

published on 22 October 2020 by looka.com
Miriam Brafman, CEO and Founder of Packlane knows just about everything there is to know about creating wicked unboxing experiences. We chatted with Miriam about what defines a standout unboxing experience, trends she’s seeing in consumer and bra... >> read more

fishbat Media Named Top B2B Company in New York

published on 22 October 2020 by fishbat.com
We’re fishbat Media…come swim with us! Our goal is to help your business through effective digital marketing strategies and custom solutions for your team. Every year, Clutch announces their Leader Awards, the top-performing companies according t... >> read more

How Instagram Stickers Can Help You Grow Your Following

published on 22 October 2020 by everincreasingcircles.com
    Instagram engagement isn’t just likes and comments. It now also includes engagement from your stories, people following your brand hashtag, IGTV views, and more. Instagram Stories stickers are a great way to encourage your followers... >> read more

Better Together: Using Email to Grow Your Dental Blog (and Vice Versa)

published on 21 October 2020 by goldenproportions.com
Individually, blogging and emailing are both great ways to promote your dental practice. But combined, there hasn’t been a better combination since peanut butter and jelly. Find out how you can use your email lists to strengthen your dental blog, and v... >> read more

The power of animated explainer videos to capture audience’s attention

published on 21 October 2020 by matinee.co.uk
Simple slideshow explainers can be an effective way to convey information to your audience, but they can lack any real personality. Using animation for your explainer videos is a much more forward-thinking, effective option if you truly want to make an... >> read more

Winners of SEO Agency of the Year, and shortlisted for NINE awards

published on 20 October 2020 by seoworks.co.uk
We’ve received some great news this month, winning two awards for SEO Agency of the Year! We won SEO Agency of the Year at the UK Digital Growth Awards, a national ceremony that celebrates companies who can demonstrate digital growth for clients,... >> read more

Avoid Costly Missteps and Oversights with the Right Medical Device Development Partner

published on 20 October 2020 by mindflowdesign.com
It doesn’t matter if your medical device company is a hungry new startup or a seasoned industry leader: There are times when you need to augment your in-house team’s capabilities. Whether you need help with user interface design, engineering, usa... >> read more

14 Hilarious Lead Generation Memes, Comics, and Jokes

published on 20 October 2020 by hookagency.com
Lead generation memes are often really bad when you Google ‘Lead Generation Memes’ – so I had to do some... Read More The post 14 Hilarious Lead Generation Memes, Comics, and Jokes appeared first on Hook Agency. ... >> read more

How to use Social Media to Attract Customers to your Restaurant

published on 20 October 2020 by onlinegrowthguru.com
In 2020 it’s key to have a social media presence, but it can be one of the hardest things to master. Our article will provide tips for a successful social media marketing strategy for your restaurant. The post How to use Social Media to Attract Custome... >> read more

Haywood & Padgett Case Study

published on 19 October 2020 by quadrant2design.com
The post Haywood & Padgett Case Study appeared first on Quadrant 2 design. ... >> read more

Create unlimited email addresses in Gmail

published on 19 October 2020 by lahive.co.uk
How easy is this to do? Simple in fact. If you had the email address johnnytest@gmail.com and you needed to sign up to something like Spotify, you could create jo&#... >> read more

How to spot an email Phishing Scam

published on 19 October 2020 by cognisant-hosting.com
Most security experts believe the weakest point of defence against hacking and internet scam is the users. Also known as “Phishing”, these emails look pretty convincing these days. From people advertising non-existent rental properties, to refund from ... >> read more

NOW HIRING! Project and Account Coordinator

published on 18 October 2020 by keymedium.com
The Project and Account Coordinator will be responsible for working with contractors, client-facing teams, assisting with project management, and providing support with other administrative and operational functions to drive business goals. The article... >> read more

Frosted & Glass Look Perspex Acrylic Circles

published on 16 October 2020 by gjplastics.co.uk
Coloured Perspex Sheets cast acrylic, cut to size requirements. We offer a variety of vibrant coloured cast acrylic sheet also known as Perspex. The post Frosted & Glass Look Perspex Acrylic Circles appeared first on GJ Plastics. ... >> read more

As Fresh as an Airline Food Joke

published on 16 October 2020 by zeldman.com
The truth about lies. The post As Fresh as an Airline Food Joke appeared first on Zeldman on Web and Interaction Design. ... >> read more

The three rules of exhibition furniture.

published on 15 October 2020 by exhibit3sixty.co.uk
People like to sit. Especially at exhibitions where they will have been standing up all day, and would love nothing better than parking themselves on a plush sofa somewhere and putting their feet up for half an hour. Your exhibition team is going to ne... >> read more

SEO Copywriting in 2020

published on 15 October 2020 by clickthrough.co.nz
You can listen to this article here: Content marketing has always played a significant role in drumming up interest in a product or service, even if SEO copywriting is just a new concept. Contents What is Content Marketing? SEO Writing and What it Invo... >> read more

Pivoting your agency to survive and grow through Covid: Talent Matters recap

published on 15 October 2020 by wave-rs.co.uk
In the fifth episode in our series of Talent Matters webinars, Dave Jenkins was joined by guest Ashby Jenkins, founder of Ashby Jenkins Recruitment, to talk about the way the team dealt with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and how pivoting... >> read more

Trend Edit: Sage Green

published on 14 October 2020 by pfeifferdesign.co.uk
The hottest colour of Autumn/Winter 2020 The post Trend Edit: Sage Green appeared first on Pfeiffer Design. ... >> read more

iPhone 12 Launch Event

published on 14 October 2020 by thedistance.co.uk
Just a month after announcing the latest Apple Watches and iPads, Apple returned with their iPhone-centred event. Not only are four new iPhones hitting the market very soon, an added bonus is also arriving in the form of the new HomePod mini. Let’s div... >> read more

9Now: Travel Guides

published on 14 October 2020 by needafixer.com

Special EFX Wins Top Honours and Takes a Bow

published on 14 October 2020 by awardefx.co.uk
Special EFX is thrilled to have been honoured with two awards. Whilst normally the company makes the awards and trophies for others to win, it is now the proud recipient and recognised for its innovation, production prowess and exceptional customer ser... >> read more

Four New Websites for Endeavour Federation

published on 14 October 2020 by contentcaretaker.co.uk
Pleased to announce the launch of four new websites for Endeavour Federation. We have just finished building four new school websites for Manchester based Endeavour Federation. Endeavour Federation provides education for pupils in KS2, 3 and 4. Their a... >> read more

What Makes the Best Website Logo Design? A Guide

published on 14 October 2020 by yzdesigns.co.uk
A good website or business logo is essential for creating a good image and brand. Click here to learn everything about website logo design.The post What Makes the Best Website Logo Design? A Guide appeared first on YZ DESIGNS. ... >> read more

Moving from London to the Country – What to Expect

published on 14 October 2020 by lisabradburn.co.uk
The post Moving from London to the Country – What to Expect appeared first on Lisa Bradburn Interior Design. ... >> read more

The Best Managed Hosting: Who’s The Best For Your Site? [Updated: 2020]

published on 12 October 2020 by datadial.net
Compare Managed Hosting Managed hosting is a term applied to VPS and dedicated servers where the host takes care of the day-to-day running of your server. So they keep its software updated, optimize its performance, and generally make sure there are fe... >> read more

Add Canary Islands to Woocommerce

published on 9 October 2020 by iwebsitez.com
Find out how to add the Canary Islands or any state/region to shipping in woocommerce. Code is inside ready to copy & paste. The post Add Canary Islands to Woocommerce appeared first on iwebsitez.com®. ... >> read more

Why is SEO Important to Liverpool Based Businesses?

published on 9 October 2020 by searchcreative.co.uk
Although the COVID-19 pandemic will hopefully transpire as a brief moment in our collective history, it has had a significant and lasting impact on the way many of us are now choosing to shop. Businesses across almost every industry have had to change ... >> read more

Google Local Services Ads: What You Need to Know

published on 9 October 2020 by artemis.marketing
At Artemis, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with very latest changes and innovations in SEO and digital marketing. One new addition to Google’s products and services is Google Local Services Ads – and it could have huge ramifications. Google L... >> read more

Peak Architects re-imagine contemporary living for a 19th century hunting lodge

published on 8 October 2020 by peakarchitects.co.uk
The post Peak Architects re-imagine contemporary living for a 19th century hunting lodge appeared first on Peak Architects. ... >> read more

6 Online Review Tips That Will Help You Rank Higher & Get More Sales

published on 8 October 2020 by seoimage.com
The following online review tips we share with you below will help your website convert more traffic into sales. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now with studies showing that 82% of customers read online reviews for local businesses, it’s always shocking when... >> read more

What is Google Analytics and what is it used for

published on 7 October 2020 by smemedia.co.uk
what is Google Analytics and what is it used for. Ask ‘ [...] The post What is Google Analytics and what is it used for appeared first on SME Media. ... >> read more

The Best Coworking Spaces in Lewes

published on 7 October 2020 by lewesseo.com
If, like many of us, you’ve found homeworking a little tricky during COVID, you might want to explore some of the wonderful coworking opportunities available in Lewes. Here’s a few of our favourites: Lewes Werks This modern and impressive s... >> read more

Hunter Luxury on the quest to define “Sustainability” for luxury brands

published on 6 October 2020 by hunterluxury.com
We know that Covid has been the subject of the year so far for 2020, rightly so. Caution about cleanliness and hygiene are at the top of agendas everywhere, so reservations about plastic and single-use packaging have taken a back seat whilst trying to ... >> read more

How To Conduct Keyword Research For Ecommerce Pages

published on 6 October 2020 by airdesigns.us
Ben Garry, content specialist at Impression, explains how ecommerce sites can use keyword research to ensure their pages rank as well as possible. Keyword research is essential for ecommerce sites because it tells you what your customers are searching ... >> read more

When to Turn Your Heating on in Autumn

published on 6 October 2020 by intelligentheat.co.uk
Top Tips to keep warm while reducing your autumn and spring heating bills. The colder weather has begun, and we will soon need to switch on the heating system as the days are getting colder and darker every morning The post When to Turn Your Heating on... >> read more

Virtual Photobooth

published on 5 October 2020 by ignite-images.co.uk
The post Virtual Photobooth appeared first on . ... >> read more

How to Set Up Your Google My Business Short Name in 3 Easy Steps

published on 2 October 2020 by linkdigital.co.uk
Google My Business recently – depending on when you’re reading this – rolled out an important new feature; the ability to add Google My Business short names, which creates a short and more personalised URL for your Google My Business ... >> read more

Google Reviews: Do They Help SEO?

published on 2 October 2020 by newparadigmmarketing.com
Do Google Reviews Help SEO? Google Reviews: The One-Two Punch of Boosting Your Online Presence Anyone with online experience today has seen or heard of Google reviews. However, if you are a business owner,  your familiarity with these third-party evalu... >> read more

What Is Studio Photography?

published on 2 October 2020 by 69dropsstudio.co.uk
Studio Photography involves taking photographs indoors, in a highly controlled environment called a photographic studio. The photographer can use a combination of props, backdrops, lights, furniture, and models to construct the perfect photograph. The ... >> read more

6 skills you need to master before you become a content marketing rockstar

published on 1 October 2020 by vaccodadesign.com
The post 6 skills you need to master before you become a content marketing rockstar appeared first on Vaccoda Design. ... >> read more

JS-Interactive Recognized by Clutch for Superior Creative & Design Services in Texas

published on 30 September 2020 by js-interactive.com
JS Interactive JS-Interactive Recognized by Clutch for Superior Creative & Design Services in Texas For over a decade, JS-Interactive has been providing top-notch creative and design services to clients. Together, we’ve consistently pushed limits ... >> read more

4 No-Brainer Reasons your Facebook Ads Campaigns are failing

published on 30 September 2020 by clevelandseoguy.com
Facebook, a giant social media platform launched in 2004, continues to grow in both active users and the total time spent on the platform. It is still a widely used social media channel with approximately 2.45 billion monthly active users. This explain... >> read more

Business Internet Marketing – DIY versus Hiring a Team

published on 30 September 2020 by pageprogressive.com
Being successful in today’s world of business is much more involved than it once was. Gone are the days where business meetings, networking, TV/radio commercials, and sending out flyers were enough to grow a business. Today’s businesses must also incor... >> read more

Looking for a specific tool but don’t want to buy one? Try borrowyourstuff.com

published on 29 September 2020 by design-79.co.uk
We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest client website…borrowyourstuff.com borrowyourstuff.com is a dedicated community site for people who want to lend/rent out their unused stuff, and for people to borrow stuff they don’t have... >> read more

Check Out 6 Expert B2B Instagram Tips and Boost Your Brand

published on 29 September 2020 by advandesign.com
Focus on Authenticity | Keep the Variety Going | Engage Your Audience | Be Mindful of Your Links | Maintain a Storytelling Approach | Search for True Engagement | Contact ADVAN Need Instagram tips? Have you been considerin... >> read more

GB Foam Customer Survey – Here’s What You Said!

published on 28 September 2020 by gbfoamdirect.co.uk
You may have noticed recently that we sent out a survey asking for your opinion on GB Foam Direct. We always strive to deliver the very best service, but also know that no business is perfect. There’s always room to improve and that’s what we’re aiming... >> read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & What we’ve been up to

published on 25 September 2020 by talkingfly.co.uk
2020 – Wow what a bizarre year! And just when you think you are starting to get unstuck from the thick of it, the restrictions start once again. On 23rd March 2020 the UK went on a full lockdown, we were all advised/required to stay at home. Now I don’... >> read more

Sustainability in marketing print: the era of purposeful business

published on 21 September 2020 by cestrian.co.uk
  Tips to make improvements throughout the print lifecycle  Corporate responsibility is climbing the agenda. The impact of coronavirus in... The post Sustainability in marketing print: the era of purposeful business appeared first on Cestrian. ... >> read more

BLOG – What Makes a Great Business Card?

published on 21 September 2020 by companycards.co.uk
Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'insertThumbnailRSS' not found or invalid function name in C:htdocs_newwww.companycards.co.ukwp-includesclass-wp-hook.php on line 287 The post BLOG – Wha... >> read more

New Website Launch – Norfolk Broads Exteriors

published on 18 September 2020 by wensumprint.co.uk
The post New Website Launch – Norfolk Broads Exteriors appeared first on Wensum Print. ... >> read more

Detailing – How to protect the paint of your new car

published on 17 September 2020 by frshcustoms.com
If it’s hot off the production line, you’ll no doubt already be thinking of ways to protect your new car from scratches, chips and scuffs. If you’re also thinking more long-term, you’ll probably be concerned about what can be do... >> read more

Google – Update to Digital Services Tax

published on 10 September 2020 by herdl.com
Digital Service Tax Earlier this week, marketers and agencies were notified of upcoming changes to the tax they or their… The post Google – Update to Digital Services Tax appeared first on Herdl. ... >> read more

The Advantages of TV Advertising

published on 8 September 2020 by toasttv.co.uk
Updated September 2020 What are the advantages of TV advertising? TV Advertising builds trust Advertising boosts sales TV Adverts are full screen, not fighting for screen space TV reaches a vast audience TV advertising results can be tracked Small bran... >> read more

11 Websites You Should Promote Your Cleaning Service On

published on 8 September 2020 by loclweb.com
If you’re looking for new clients (and what business isn’t?) then these are some websites you should definitely use to your advantage. Not only is having a professional and effective cleaning service website essential but listing your busin... >> read more

Announcing the launch of our new website

published on 7 September 2020 by nebulem.com
This week at Nebulem HQ, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our freshly revamped website, complete with a news section. We’re really pleased… The post Announcing the launch of our new website appeared first on Nebulem Product Design. ... >> read more

Google Ads to Update how App Campaigns Operate

published on 7 September 2020 by weareinfront.com
Google Ads plan to make a number of changes to how their app campaigns operate, simplifying the campaign creation process and aiming to generate more conversions. In an update being introduced later this year, the campaign building process with be simp... >> read more

Case study: Sheffield’s first lager

published on 7 September 2020 by cannonpr.co.uk
At the beginning of September Cannon PR celebrated it’s ninth anniversary since we opened for business, giving us the perfect opportunity...... >> read more

Reasons to use Professional Photography in Website Banners

published on 7 September 2020 by forevercreativephotography.co.uk
Web banners are an important factor in web design, leading the consumer into your products, or categories. They can be used in your own website, or as advertisements on other sites...The post Reasons to use Professional Photography in Website Banners a... >> read more

What is the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP)?

published on 4 September 2020 by displaywizard.co.uk
The Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) is a UK government scheme where businesses can receive financial support for exhibiting at overseas tradeshows and conferences. Here we give an overview of the programme. The post What is the Tradeshow Access Progra... >> read more

Exact Match Disallowed Comment & Contact Forms WordPress Plugin

published on 3 September 2020 by completewebresources.com
The WordPress comment blocklist inside matches keywords, so for example, blocklisting a word such as “pasta” will automatically delete comments containing “pastaroni” or “anitpasta” (but not “chef boyardee̶... >> read more

You have booked your Boudoir or Pinup Session, NOW WHAT?  

published on 3 September 2020 by boudoirbyjanetlynn.com
It is the night before your session and the pre-boudoir panic has set in!  You are this close to canceling your session! Every woman who has booked a session with me has been right where you are right now. At first you’re excited and you’ve booked the ... >> read more

Oxford Architecture

published on 1 September 2020 by gdholland.co.uk
Photos from an Architecture shoot near Oxford.... >> read more

Why a Website Is Crucial for Your Plumbing Business – What to Know

published on 1 September 2020 by fallenleafwebdesign.co.uk
You’re in the plumbing business, and you want to gain more leads. An effective way to do this is online, which means that you need to have an excellent website that will appeal to your target audience and, ultimately, hire you for your services. The p... >> read more

Advice and Guidance: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Events and Training – August 26th 2020

published on 26 August 2020 by clickworks.info
Clickworks has now reopened for pre-arranged appointments and training courses. To make an appointment, please contact 01744 698800 As we start to re-introduce our events programme, the health and safety of both our guests and our staff will be our num... >> read more

Georgian Library in Dublin Restored To Former Glory

published on 25 August 2020 by artichoke-ltd.com
We are happy to be able to share details of a recently completed project on an early19th-century Georgian library in a Dublin. The Brief The owners of the property in question, an exquisite Georgian townhouse, wanted a large library to form the main pa... >> read more

Our approach to Visual Design

published on 20 August 2020 by areteworks.com
Areteworks understands the important role Visual Design plays in conveying vital information quickly and accurately. Our Visual Design team knows that the design they apply to the user interface needs to do more than give your product an aesthetic appe... >> read more

Animation – the “new normal”

published on 19 August 2020 by mediaboxproductions.co.uk
Mediabox Productions Animation – the “new normal” Animation - the “new normal” Really want an animation but unsure how it will work? The beauty of an animation is there is no filming required.  It is all created in the digital world, not the rea... >> read more

A virtual coffee with the We Influence MD

published on 18 August 2020 by weinfluence.co.uk
With 2020's best laid plans interrupted by the outbreak of Covid-19, we had a virtual chat with Graham Withe, the Managing Director of We Influence, to discuss what it's been like to run an agency during lockdown, the main learnings from the past few... >> read more

Goats come to the Hospice’s Rescue as Livetech ‘Wrangle’ Jeep USA Deal

published on 13 August 2020 by livetech.co.uk
When Livetech in Llandudno was approached by Jeep Motors in the USA to share video footage of Llandudno’s famous goats they didn’t kid around! During the lockdown, Llandudno’s goats made front-page news around the world, as they took the opportunity to... >> read more

Google’s Free Product Listings: Now Available in South Africa

published on 13 August 2020 by gnuworld.co.za
In April 2020, Google began the rollout of free product listings in its search results. These listings mimic the results of paid Google Shopping results. Each listing includes an image of a product, product pricing and a link to the vendor in a search ... >> read more

BenQ WiT: The words first e-Reading Lamp (Review)

published on 12 August 2020 by logogeek.uk
One of the coolest things about building a personal brand and a social following is that from time to time, companies want to send you stuff. Usually it’s design books, but BenQ have been extra generous… a few years back they sent a 32″ 4k ... >> read more

A Global Company Empowering All Employees to Innovate- Off the Record with Mike Todasco, Sr. Director Innovation at Paypal

published on 12 August 2020 by threefivetwo.com
This week, 352 hosted Mike Todasco, Sr. Director of Innovation at Paypal, a digital payments platform. Through a combination of…... >> read more

Bathroom Design Ideas to Transform Your Space

published on 30 July 2020 by thebrightonbathroomcompany.co.uk
At The Brighton Bathroom Company, we specialise in designing truly bespoke spaces for our design-led clients. Our award-winning designers love embracing their creativity & expert knowledge to create bathrooms like no other. To help give you some in... >> read more

SEO Software Isn’t Substitute for SEO Services

published on 29 July 2020 by projectpi.ca
We’ve been asked by our clients in the past, “what do you think of this SEO software, does it work and should I get it?” Or in some other cases, clients would claim that their sites have been optimized because they installed some SEO ... >> read more

Advertising on Instagram in 2020

published on 21 July 2020 by socialconnection.com.au
Advertising on Instagram Instagram has over 900 million users making it an incredibly powerful marketing and advertising tool for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can utilise the Instagram Ads feature to promote their brand or products in an effecti... >> read more

How to Install WordPress Plugins For Beginners

published on 10 July 2020 by igwebs.com
Revised & updated from Oct 13, 2014 WordPress has created an integrated plugin system to help drastically increase the level of customization possible. Recently this site has touched on a few different ways to use plugins to improve your WordPress ... >> read more

Get more conversion to your website checklist

published on 9 July 2020 by danielmrey.com
To get more conversion using your website, your website needs to be well optimised, have the correct contents and have links from other websites. These are my main recommendations: Web optimisation: Create websites that are Google SEO friendly + Fast t... >> read more

Small Business Website Services

published on 8 July 2020 by onthewebitspecialists.com
Small Business Website Creation Cornwall Deals On Small Business Website Creation Service What is A small Business Website Creation? A small business website development service is simply getting a great looking business website that is low cost, with ... >> read more

The Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

published on 7 July 2020 by odysseynewmedia.com
Any Digital Marketers dream is to get more traffic to theirs or their client’s website, therefore increasing the conversion rate leading to sales. Many business’ want more visitors to their website; however, they aren’t sure how to go about it. Here is... >> read more

Great Audio comes from A Great Microphone

published on 2 July 2020 by eaglevideo.com
Earlier this year our company started a new YouTube Channel.It is called Marking History. The Marking History Channel is all about American History. There are hundreds of thousands of historical markers across America. And each marker only scratches th... >> read more

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