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Inexpensive Ways to Decorate a Wedding Venue

submitted on 12 August 2020
You already accept the reality that your wedding will be costly. You prepare to pay for the expenses since you want your wedding to be memorable. The problem is that if you calculate the overall cost, it might be too much. You don't want your marriage ruined because you spent everything on your wedding day. You can consider reducing the expenses by following these inexpensive wedding decorations ideas.

Spray flowers with metallic paint
Flowers are costly, and they could eat up a considerable portion of the wedding cost. If you don't wish to spend a lot, you can find cheap flowers and spray them with metallic paint. It adds an elegant touch to the flowers. Make sure you don't get too fussy when it comes to flowers. If what you want isn't available since it's seasonal or would require shipping from a different country, you have to say no to it

Be creative with venue lights
One of the best options to brighten up the mood at event venues is to use a disco light. It changes everything. Your guests will love to have fun by adding these disco balls. You can also consider borrowing Christmas lights or rope lights to add sparkle to the tables. Since you only borrowed them, you donít need to spend anything.

Be smart in using balloons
Most people would say no to balloons for a wedding. They cheapen the overall look of the venue. Although itís true, well-decorated balloons can brighten up the place. Choose the right colours and find a perfect location. Donít overwhelm the venue with balloons and limit them only to key areas where they look great.

Find cheap table decorations
Adding some cheap pieces on the tables will accentuate them. Use candles since theyíre generally affordable. You can find beautifully designed candles at an affordable price. Food centrepieces are also amazing. Tell your caterers to decorate the food on the table well, so it looks presentable.

Learn to let go of unnecessary accessories
You probably don't need that bridal arch at your wedding venue, and it has to go. The large bows on every seat can also go. The important thing is for guests to have a comfortable seat. If you plan to have confetti at the end of the ceremony, you can cancel it. Anything that you consider as a cherry on top that will cost you more money doesnít have to be included.

Final reminder
Although itís important to find a way to reduce the cost, you shouldnít reach a point where the venue looks terrible. You still want to have a memorable wedding. You also want the place to photograph well. If you go too hard to reduce the budget, it will adversely impact the beauty of the venue.

You can also try negotiating with the supplier if there are things you want for decorations but they are beyond your budget. You might get them at a lower price with excellent negotiation skills.


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