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Eight Major Developments in the Field of Interior Lighting Design for the Year 2022

submitted on 21 September 2022 by
Your home's interior lighting is very important. The mood of your house may be altered simply by changing the location and kind of lighting fixtures. Different rooms have different lighting schemes. What may seem good in the living room may not transfer well to the kitchen or the bedroom and vice versa. Each area's lighting should be tailored to its own purpose and atmosphere. Lighting design evolves with time, much like the rest of home decor. These shifts have their roots in technological advancements. Homeowners update their lighting systems to include the latest innovations as they become available from manufacturers. There won't be any huge shifts in residential lighting in 2022, but there are a few important trends to keep in mind.

1. Brass will continue to be a widely used surface
In line with the year's forecast for warmer tones, brass finishes and fixtures will continue their reign. Warm, earthy tones are quite popular among homeowners. Brass is on the warmer end of the color spectrum, which works nicely with modern furnishings. It takes on the muted sheen of those two colors while amplifying gold's natural warmth and mellowness. As a result, it may be easily integrated into a wide variety of settings, from sleek urban lofts to rustic country homes.

2. Minimalist bathroom lighting
There has been much discussion on lighting in general, but for the sake of focus, let's speak about the restroom specifically. Bathrooms (insert link here?) often have many design highlights, such as a huge statement vanity, walk-in shower, and freestanding tub. Thus, the bathroom's lighting should be simple so as not to detract from the decor while yet providing enough illumination. Even if you're following the current minimalist lighting style, it doesn't mean you have to forego elegant and ornamental lighting altogether. As long as it doesn't steal the show or detract from the overall concept, you're good to go!

3. Geometric and symmetric
Good symmetry is appreciated by everyone. Symmetrical and geometrical lighting fixtures never go out of style. They're well proportioned and have clean lines, so they may stand alone or complement other elements in the room. As with any other trendy item, having numerous of them and varying their lengths adds depth to a room and gives the impression of more space. Lighting that is open, symmetrical, and geometric does not detract from the aesthetic value of a room since it does not cast shadows.

4. Cleaner, less cluttered designs
The hallmark of contemporary interior design is the use of simple, uncluttered shapes. Excessive decoration is becoming out of favor in today's sofas, kitchens, and lamps. The metalwork of vintage light fixtures is frequently quite beautiful. However, the intricate patterns may not go with the minimalist decor of a contemporary house. Today's homeowners, however, are choosing for simpler and cleaner lighting schemes that better complement today's interior design trends. In 2022, the popularity of the minimalist movement will increase as more and more low-profile fixtures become available. These lighting pieces prioritize function above form and feature minimalist geometric patterns and muted tones.

How to utilize it: Incorporate sleek, contemporary lighting into every room of the house. When hung high up, it creates a striking contrast between simplicity and audacity, making it ideal for use as a statement piece. Avoid crowding the light with with similar fixtures. Its versatility makes it equally at home as a bedside light, an overhead fixture, or a decorative accent.

5. The price of LEDs is continuing to drop
The use of incandescent light bulbs is very wasteful. An excessive amount of heat is produced as a result of the squandered energy. This is why it has become so important to switch to alternative, greener sources of illumination. LED lighting is replacing incandescent bulbs because it is more efficient and lasts longer, saving households money on utility bills and reducing environmental impact. An additional perk of LED bulbs is the wide range of designs from which one may choose. LED lights come in a wide variety of hues, illuminance levels, forms, and more. If you want something really special for your house, they are an excellent option.

The high initial investment is now the biggest drawback of using LED lights. The upfront cost is significant compared to alternative lighting solutions, but they will save you money over time. For most people, replacing a single light bulb at a time is all they can afford. LEDs will likely become more affordable beginning in 2022 as technology improves and more people switch to using LED bulbs. Soon, it may be possible for households to make the switch to LED lights in one fell swoop.

6. Size matters
Larger fixtures are becoming more popular, particularly in specific rooms. The goal is to generate an immediate "Wow" reaction. These lights serve as decorative accents in addition to illuminating a room. Some have elaborate designs that become the room's only point of interest. Large pendant lights may be utilized in a variety of settings, including over the kitchen island, the dining table, the foyer, and the walkways outside.

To properly use bigger lighting, you must exercise extreme caution. Put it where it can have the most impact, such as in the center of the room. The space will appear better as a whole if you use a combination of this and smaller fixtures.

7. Smart Technology
While it's no surprise that smart technology is spreading into other spheres, you may not realize that smart home lighting is rapidly becoming a popular trend in the residential market. With Caseta from Lutron, you may modify the lighting in your house in novel ways. For added security, you may program your inside lights to turn on at certain intervals even while you're not there. This system integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for hands-free control and takes very little time to set up. The covers have a contemporary design that makes the switches seem less utilitarian. This innovation can also sync up with your GPS coordinates, so that your lights come on as you get closer to your house. The absence of a need for "smart bulbs" to make use of the system means that upgrading your home's lighting may be done at a reduced cost. Moreover, Lutron operates on its own hub, which is a huge plus. Because of this, the lights will continue to function even if the wifi is turned off.

Although installing Caseta by Lutron in every room of your house may not be possible, it is recommended that you do it in high-traffic areas like the entrance, living room, and kitchen. By doing so, you'll be able to access the functions in the areas you frequent the most.

8. Retro with a contemporary twist
Retro looks with a contemporary update are becoming more popular. Fixtures will have a retro appearance, but will be updated with new materials and a sleeker design. The use of retro-style lighting fixtures may be used to make a striking design statement. They help give the house personality by standing in stark contrast to more contemporary forms.

To Each His Own

There's no need to choose one particular aesthetic if you don't want to. Obviously, the ideal lighting scheme is the one that you like the most and finds the most practical use in your home. Whether you are planning a house remodel or a brand new construction, the aforementioned lighting trends could inspire some ideas for the next year.
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