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Designing a Modern, Iconic Logo

submitted on 15 January 2020 by

A companyís logo design process has the potential to make or break its prospects in the industry. A well-designed logo makes it possible for a company to establish a rapport with its intended audience. Keep in mind that this is what all companies are trying to achieve. A logo that has been poorly designed will, on the other hand, fail to communicate the message that the business is trying to pass along. Ultimately, this is a logo that will end-up harming the business.

1. Know the Brand
Before you can start the process of designing a logo, you will need to ensure that you have enough information on the target brand. Remember that this logo needs to reach a certain group of people, this is its target customers and target market. Therefore, make it a point to note down what the market, brand, and business is all about. These are details you need to know beforehand. They help to determine the personality of the brand, including how it would like to project its image to its clients and target market. Use this information as the go-to guide during the logo design process.

2. Should Reflect the Nature of the Company
Any logo you create must be able to fully represent the company in question. The images and colors you use in the logo will need to align with those of the company, including the services and products that it delivers. When the logo is able to align with the business, it helps to build a brand identity that it can use to compete with the others in the market.Your target clients will also be able to get the message that you are trying to communicate when the logo design reflects the attributes and/or values of the business.

3. Impression Plays an Important Role
Your chosen logo design ought to be able to make a lasting impression on its customers and on the market. A mere glance at the logo should be able to mesmerize those looking at it. For the company, the function of the logo is to entice clients to come back again and again. The only way to make such an impression is by ensuring that you have a unique logo. What this means is that its design will need to feature a new concept that will help it to stand out from the crowded logo market. In addition, try to ensure that its design is better than what your competitors are using.

4. Use Colors in a Properly Planned Manner
Colors play a significant role when it comes to determining the message being communicated by a brand. For instance, when red is used as the main color in the logo, itís sending a message that the brand is energetic, passionate, and aggressive. It also means that the brand is mainly targeting a young audience. When blue is used, it helps to evoke feelings of togetherness and intelligence.

This also helps to explain why many social networks, e.g., Facebook opted to use a blue logo. If creating a social media channel/page for your business, consider having blue as its chief design color. Using bold and bright colors is the easiest way to grab a personís attention. There is, however, a need to make sure that the colors used are also communicating the personality of the brand. You have to keep in mind that all colors tend to evoke a certain emotion. The emotion they evoke then becomes the message received by the customers or viewers.

5. Take Time to Select Your Fonts
Itís not uncommon for designers to ignore the selection of typefaces, and instead opt to apply them on a random basis. What this group of designers may not realize is the fact that typefaces help to communicate the brand personality. For instance, a toy company will most certainly choose to use a handwritten typeface. The reason here is that its target clients are kids. The designers will use this typeface to show that the brand is child-friendly. In the same manner, if tasked with creating a logo for a rock music band, the typeface to use will be bold. A bold typeface shows a strong personality. How about for a clothing brand, restaurant or corporations? You must ensure that a mismatch does not occur between the brand personality and the typeface.

It will also be advisable to avoid employing fonts that are gimmicky. Where possible, try and create unique fonts that will apply to the logo being created. Alternatively, scour the web in search of high-quality fonts, many of which are available for free.
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