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Bringing Property Values Up Without Massive Renovations

submitted on 28 August 2020 by trinitydecoratingservices.co.uk

We canít all afford to tear out a propertyís internal walls and just go to town building extensions and putting in the latest gadgets and utilities. Whether you are setting up a domestic space or a commercial one for sale, sometimes you just need to make a few key renovations to bring the price up. Here are some of the best ways to do so.

Wall Decorations
When was the last time you refreshed your walls? If your paint or wallpaper looks a little on the shabby side, it is high time that you thought about redoing them. A room can feel tired if it has a lot of use over the years. Sometimes, it is nicer to just start again from scratch.
Painting walls or hanging wallpaper isnít for everyone. If your budget allows, consider hiring professional decorators. With their expertise, you will be left with immaculate walls and a fresh canvas from which you can begin to make changes to your rooms. Make sure you chat with them about what you can expect from the redesign. From paint colour and finish to your preferred wallpaper, there is going to be a lot to discuss.

With the insides of the rooms sorted, how are those exteriors? No matter what, you need to make sure that any green spaces around your property are neat and well-maintained. You do not need something that could pass as an exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show if you are not a gardener.

Simple, well-manicured lawns and a few low-maintenance plants in pots might be all you need. You could also consider investing in a few bits of garden furniture just to bring things together. Donít forget to weed paths and keep on top of other small details.

Small but Important Changes
If you donít have the budget for full refits of the kitchen and bathrooms Ė two important rooms in determining property price Ė there might still be some small changes you can make that could make a difference. Refreshing a bathroom and ensuring it is clear of mould and dirt could bring it back to life. Throw in some new accessories, and you have the perfect space!

With a kitchen, you can work wonders by painting the cupboard doors and replacing the worktops and backsplash. You can find affordable alternatives for both, and it will really help to bring the renovations in this room together.

These are just three areas around your property that you could tackle when trying to bring the price up. There is always something that can be done, and you can put in as much or as little effort as you could want to get everything finished on time. No matter what form these renovations might take, you should be left with a property that looks better, and might perform on the market well too. Take a look at some of the places around your property that need updating and start making changes today.


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