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6 Simple Tips to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

submitted on 10 September 2021 by

The wedding celebration of a couple might signify their unity and commitment to each other. However, planning for this special day can be as stressful as it is exciting. After all, it can be an overwhelming process to book a location, hire catering services, keep track of all your guests, and many other things that typically come with this momentous occasion. For this reason, itís easy to overlook certain details and make mistakes along the way.

While itís undoubtedly true that there are elements that are beyond your immediate control, such as an unexpected change in the weather or heavy traffic, it doesnít mean that everything is out of your hands. The key is to be thorough when planning the wedding of your dreams. With that said, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Remain economical
Given the opportunity, many, if not all, would splurge and spend lavishly on their wedding service. However, this approach is rarely feasible. If you donít want to break your budget before youíve accounted for all of the costs of the celebration, youíll want to remain economical. That isnít to say that you should scrimp severely for the occasion, instead, you must try to look for ways to save wherever possible.

For example, if you're looking for a caterer, you should explore all options before committing. In this way, you'll allow yourself the opportunity to find one that doesn't just offer an excellent selection of dishes but also offer their services at a reasonable price.

2. Address your wedding invitations early
Despite its importance, many couples make the mistake of taking their wedding invitations for granted, only to regret it later on. The reality is that they take time to do. Depending on how big the celebration is, the job could take weeks, if not months. With that being the case, it makes sense to get it done as early as possible. From securing high-end and bespoke stationery from providers to designing the actual invitation itself, getting it done early will save you a lot of trouble later on.

3. Donít invite too many people
The guest list is another thing you'll need to keep at a manageable level. As much as you would all want to invite as many people as possible, it can be costly. More importantly, some venues may not be able to accommodate a sizable guest list. Therefore, it's a good idea to narrow down the list to only you and your partner's closest family and friends. Doing so won't just enable you to keep costs down. But it will also make the celebration more personal and intimate.

4. Look into blackout dates
One mistake that many couples make when planning their wedding is failing to look into blackout dates. After all, if the day of the celebration falls into events like charity walks, trade conferences, and many others that could impact accommodations and traffic, it could pose problems on the wedding date. So, make sure that you do your homework on potentially problematic days before you set the date.

5. Consider mother nature
If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, youíll want to consider mother nature. The weather can affect the event in more ways than one, after all. Fortunately, itís relatively simple to address these concerns. For example, if you plan to get married during the summer, youíll want to rent out an air conditioning unit for your tent. Conversely, a heated loft can make a difference for a winter celebration.

6. Donít be afraid to wait
Many aspire to get married as early as possible. However, itís not always feasible to do. If youíre lacking in funds and unsure if you can carry the financial weight of the event, donít be afraid to save up and wait for the right moment. It will make things easier on you.

Planning a wedding is a tall order. However, it isnít impossible to do. With these simple tips, not only will you be able to avoid putting a sizable dent in your bank. But youíll also alleviate some of the pressure and stress that many couples experience when planning this special day.
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