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Web Design and Development

Mi Web Design è una Web Agency che si occupa di realizzazione di Siti Web moderni e Responsive, consulenze SEO e posizionamento di siti web nei motori di ricerca. Pianifichiamo insieme la tua campagna di Web Marketing e valutiamo insieme il rendimento ed i costi, misurando statistiche e conversione degli obiettivi. Ci poniamo sul mercato con una strategia offensiva che si sbarazzerà dei competitor in tempi brevi, i nostri esperti Designers potranno seguirvi e crearvi un'identità aziendale univoca che vi permetterà di essere indiscutibilmente i migliori nel vostro mercato di interesse

Richiedi subito un preventivo per il tuo sito internet!.

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What services does Marco Ingraiti offer?

Marco Ingraiti is a software developer who specializes in web app frontend development using technologies such as React.js, Next.js, and JavaScript ES6. He also has experience with backend programming languages like PHP and Node.js, as well as working with AWS infrastructure and MySQL data storage/modeling. Additionally, Marco has deep knowledge of Prestashop and Magento e-commerce platforms, particularly in module development.

What is Marco Ingraiti's tech stack?

Marco Ingraiti works with a variety of technologies in his projects. Some of the technologies he commonly uses include React.js, Next.js, JavaScript ES6, PHP, Node.js, AWS, and MySQL. He stays updated with modern CSS libraries and keeps his knowledge of web development tools and frameworks current.

What recent articles has Marco Ingraiti published?

Marco Ingraiti recently published an article about a Tailwind event with Edgemony, where he shared his knowledge of Tailwind with individuals who had completed a coding bootcamp. He also announced the release of his new website, which incorporates the latest stack and technologies. His previous website was last updated in 2015.

Does Marco Ingraiti have any personal interests?

Outside of his professional life, Marco Ingraiti enjoys cooking and eating. He is also a cat lover and has an affinity for sunflowers. These personal interests contribute to his well-roundedness and curiosity, which he brings to his work as a software developer.

Are all rights reserved for Marco Ingraiti's website?

Yes, all rights are reserved for Marco Ingraiti's website. The content, design, and any other elements of the website are protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the website's content is prohibited without Marco Ingraiti's permission.

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Tech Stack & Technologies

The company utilizes a wide range of technologies and tools, allowing them to deliver high-quality software solutions. They are experienced in working with React.js, Next.js, and Javascript ES6 for frontend development, ensuring a modern and user-friendly interface. Additionally, they have expertise in PHP and Node.js for backend programming, enabling seamless integration and efficient data processing. With their knowledge of AWS, they can provide scalable and reliable infrastructure solutions. Moreover, their proficiency in MySQL allows them to handle data storage and modeling effectively.

Prestashop & Magento E-commerce Platforms

The company has extensive experience in working with Prestashop and Magento, two popular e-commerce platforms. They specialize in developing modules for these platforms, offering customized solutions to enhance the functionality and performance of online stores. Their expertise in e-commerce development ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers and enables businesses to effectively manage their online presence.

Continuous Learning and Updating Knowledge

The company's software developer, Marco, is a curious individual who is always eager to learn and stay updated with the latest advancements in the industry. This commitment to continuous learning allows the company to stay ahead of the curve and deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients. Marco's dedication to professional and personal growth ensures that the company remains at the forefront of technology and can provide innovative solutions to meet evolving business needs.

Passion for Cooking and Food

Outside of work, Marco has a passion for cooking and enjoys exploring different cuisines. This passion for food translates into the company's approach to software development, where they strive to create solutions that are as delightful and satisfying as a well-prepared meal. Just as a good dish brings joy to those who taste it, the company aims to deliver software solutions that bring joy and satisfaction to their clients and end-users.

Love for Cats and Sunflowers

Marco's love for cats and sunflowers reflects the company's values of compassion and beauty. They believe in creating software solutions that not only meet functional requirements but also bring a sense of joy and beauty to the users. Just as cats and sunflowers can brighten up someone's day, the company's software aims to bring positivity and happiness to the lives of its users.
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Italy (Palermo) based business providing website design and marketing services. Website includes details of services provided, portfolio, blog, full contact details. reviewer
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