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Logo and Branding

General Public is a creative agency with more than two decades of experience working across brand, marketing, and digital.

Our unique approach is informed by human-centred design methodologies that connect brands with people.

Put simply, we believe that if we want to move people to take action you need to know who they are and what motivates them.

By obsessing about how we can make our clients matter to their audiences, we turn heads, grab hearts and help make them remarkable.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does General Public provide?

General Public is a specialist design consultancy that focuses on the arts and cultural National Heritage. They offer a range of services including branding, design projects, and museum branding. They are completely immersed in the field and have extensive experience in creating successful designs for their clients.

2. Where is General Public located?

General Public is located at 224 - 228 Park View, Whitley Bay, NE26 3QR. Their physical location allows them to work closely with their clients and provide personalized services tailored to their specific needs.

3. Why should I upgrade my web browser?

The website recommends upgrading your web browser to ensure a better experience while browsing their site and elsewhere on the internet. Using an old, unsupported browser may cause display issues and limit your access to certain features. Upgrading your browser will not only improve your experience on their website but also enhance your overall internet browsing experience.

4. How can General Public help with museum branding?

General Public has expertise in museum branding and can provide valuable insights and strategies to create successful museum brands. They offer tips for successful museum branding and can help in writing better briefs for design projects related to museums. Their human-centered design approach ensures that the branding aligns with the goals and values of the museum, creating a unique and impactful identity.

5. What other work has General Public done?

General Public has an extensive portfolio of work, including creating brands for event partners. They have also shared ideas and insights on their website, offering tips for successful design projects. By exploring their website and news section, you can get a better understanding of their expertise and the range of projects they have worked on.

Some reasons to choose

Specialist design consultancy

General Public is a specialist design consultancy that focuses on arts and cultural projects. They have extensive experience in this field, allowing them to provide unique and tailored design solutions for their clients.

Immersed in the arts and cultural National Heritage

General Public is completely immersed in the arts and cultural National Heritage. This deep understanding and appreciation for the heritage allows them to create designs that effectively communicate the essence and values of their clients' projects.

Successful Museum Branding

General Public provides 8 tips for successful museum branding. This demonstrates their expertise in creating strong and impactful brands for museums, which can help attract visitors and enhance the overall museum experience.

Better briefs for design projects

General Public offers insights on how to write better briefs for design projects. By providing guidance on creating clear and comprehensive briefs, they ensure that their clients' design needs are fully understood and met, resulting in successful design outcomes.

Human Centred Design

General Public emphasizes that human-centered design is not just about branding. This shows their commitment to creating designs that prioritize the needs and experiences of the end-users, ensuring that the final design solutions are user-friendly and effective.
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