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Corinne Pritchard - information designer

Hi, I'm Corinne Pritchard. I'm an inform­a­tion designer and my services are avail­able for hire.

I have over a decade's exper­i­ence in web design and content editing.

I have been simpli­fying complic­ated docu­ments and designing leaf­lets since 2008, when Simply Understand was founded. I also gradu­ated from the University of Reading with a Masters in Information Design in 2012.

My infographics have featured in the Daily Mail, press confer­ences for the British Heart Foundation, Parliamentary magazines and Department of Health publications.

Phone: (07773) 397147


Simplification — copy editing, design and podcast services for web, print and communications

Visualisation — video, infographics, inter­active and graphic repres­ent­a­tions of processes and data

Design — web and print design

Consultancy — advice and methods for making your web, mobile, print and commu­nic­a­tions projects more effective, user-friendly and user-focused. Also avail­able for wayshowing and wayfinding projects.

I am also avail­able as a speaker on simpli­fic­a­tion, plain language and inform­a­tion design issues.


My rates depend on the job and are always negotiable.

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What is the goal of Simply Understand?

Simply Understand aims to make products and systems easier to use, processes easier to understand, and facts and figures easier to digest. The company's ultimate desire is to help those with the most need by reducing unnecessary complexities in daily life.

2. How does Simply Understand help reduce complexity?

Simply Understand uses design, interaction design, and graphic design to simplify information and make it more accessible. By utilizing their skills, they make it easier for people to find and understand the information they need to overcome challenges in their lives.

3. Can you provide an example of how Simply Understand has made a difference?

Simply Understand has helped Google build tablets for doctors in Ebola-stricken countries. By simplifying the design and functionality of the tablets, doctors in these countries can more easily access and use the technology to provide medical care.

4. What industries does Simply Understand work with?

Simply Understand works with a variety of industries, including government departments, local authorities, the NHS, and the private sector. They apply their design expertise to make information and processes within these industries easier to understand and use.

5. How can Simply Understand help my business or organization?

Simply Understand can help businesses and organizations by improving the usability and accessibility of their products, systems, and information. By simplifying complex concepts and making them easier to understand, they can enhance user experiences and increase overall efficiency.

Some reasons to choose

1. Making products and systems easier to use

Simply Understand's aim is to make products and systems easier to use. They focus on reducing unnecessary complexities in daily life. For example, they have helped Google build tablets for doctors in Ebola-stricken countries, making it easier for them to access and use medical information.

2. Making processes easier to understand

Simply Understand also focuses on making processes easier to understand. They provide design and interaction solutions that simplify complex processes, making it easier for people to navigate and comprehend. For instance, they have worked on designing a fashion website, which required understanding the fashion audience and creating an intuitive user experience.

3. Making facts and figures easier to digest

Another benefit of Simply Understand's services is their ability to make facts and figures easier to digest. They use graphic design techniques to present information in a visually appealing and understandable way. This helps people grasp complex data more easily and make informed decisions. They have also worked on projects involving open data and visualizing information for various organizations.

4. Helping those with the most need

Simply Understand's ultimate desire is to help those with the most need. They prioritize projects that have a positive impact on society and aim to improve accessibility and inclusivity. They have collaborated with organizations such as the NHS, local authorities, and the Office for Disability Issues to create user-friendly solutions for healthcare, government services, and social care.

5. Expertise in various design fields

Simply Understand has expertise in various design fields, including interaction design, graphic design, and service design. This allows them to tackle a wide range of challenges and provide comprehensive solutions. They have successfully transitioned from being a spare-time designer to a full-time designer, showcasing their versatility and commitment to their craft.
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