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Product Design

Ignitec - Product Design and R&D

We are a product design consultancy, creative technology studio and R&D lab based in Bristol. We help ambitious organisations out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition. Together we attempt technology moonshots and create world firsts. At Ignitec we create the landmark products, experiences and services of tomorrow. We call them 'game changers' products that shake up markets, drive company fortunes and re-draw consumer expectations. Guided by a spirit of boldness and ambition, we help global businesses to seize opportunities and shape the future.

We combine a potent mix of creative thinking, scientific process and diverse technical design knowledge and lead the charge for technological step changes. Our design philosophy is bold and simple think differently, take the unfamiliar roads, embrace the new and challenge ourselves to prove what is possible. Technology demonstrators, lab test bench devices and test rigs are an integral part of our R&D design process where we build devices to explore and validate wild ideas and attempt things which have never been done before.

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1. What services does Ignitec provide?

Ignitec provides a range of services including product design consultancy, custom enclosure design, electronic design, software development, and technology integration. They also offer services in industrial design, mechanical engineering, and machinery design. With their expertise in various fields, Ignitec can assist with the development of connected products and instruments for pioneering technology.

2. Can Ignitec help with hardware design?

Yes, Ignitec offers hardware design services. They provide electronic design services, including prototype design and PCB design. They also offer custom hardware design and test rig design services. Whether you need assistance with electronic circuits, FPGAs, or analog device design, Ignitec has the expertise to help you design electronics for real-world applications.

3. Does Ignitec offer software development services?

Yes, Ignitec offers software development services. They can assist with software development for viable products, rapid lab prototyping, and Kickstarter manufacturing services. Whether you need software for wearable devices, autonomous robotics, or environmental monitoring technology, Ignitec can help you develop the software solutions you need.

4. What industries does Ignitec specialize in?

Ignitec specializes in various industries, including health tech, environmental monitoring, robotics, and subsea technology. They have worked on projects with companies in these industries, designing products and solutions that benefit health, communities, and the environment. Their expertise in these fields allows them to provide innovative and tailored design services.

5. Can Ignitec assist with product manufacturing?

While Ignitec primarily focuses on product design and development, they can provide assistance with Kickstarter manufacturing services and low volume production. They have experience in bringing products from concept to manufacturing, ensuring that the design is optimized for production. Ignitec can help you navigate the manufacturing process and connect you with the right resources for your product.

Some reasons to choose

Connected Products for Health, Communities, and the Environment

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing connected products that have a positive impact on health, communities, and the environment. They prioritize creating innovative solutions that address important issues in these areas.

Expertise in Product Design, Engineering, Hardware Design, and Software Science

The company's team consists of experts in various fields, including product design, engineering, hardware design, and software science. This diverse expertise allows them to approach projects from multiple angles and ensure the highest quality in all aspects of their designs.

Custom Enclosure Design and CAD Design Service

The company offers custom enclosure design services, allowing their clients to have unique and tailored product designs. They also provide CAD design services, ensuring precise and accurate designs that meet their clients' specifications.

Technology Integration Service

The company offers a technology integration service, which allows them to seamlessly incorporate various technologies into their designs. This ensures that their products are equipped with the latest advancements and can effectively meet the needs of their users.

Software Development and Rapid Lab Services

The company provides software development services, ensuring that their products have robust and user-friendly software interfaces. They also offer rapid lab services, allowing for quick prototyping and testing of new product ideas.
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