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Gold Coast Media is a Devon based web design agency that was established in 2006. We are based in Braunton, a beautiful large village in North Devon, the gateway to the beaches on North Devon's Gold Coast, hence the name. If you are lucky enough to have taken a holiday in Saunton, Croyde or Woolacombe, then you have driven right past our office!

It takes a lot to run a web design agency for 13 years, we are old in the world or web design and have seen many other web design companies come and go. Our strength lies in the quality of our service and the fact that we believe in long term relationships. Some of oldest clients such as Surf Bay and Guilty Bangles have been with us virtually since we began and they continue to work with us.

We have a small but dedicated and very experienced team that has been working together consistently for many years. That means that when you pick call us, you will get to speak to someone with real experience, not the latest intern! With that experience comes knowledge, understanding and the ability to work with a range of clients. As we are in the centre of the holiday industry, tourism does form a large proportion of our work but we are also specialists in ecommerce web design.

Gold Coast Media has been creating web sites in the Magento platform for 10 years, we love the platform and the scalability that it provides for businesses that are looking to grow. Magento is an enterprise solution, ideal for established businesses that want to grow futher and escape the shackles that less developed platforms offer. If you would like more information about our Magento services including new builds and moving to Magento 2, please visit We have also built ecommerce sites in other online ecommerce platforms and in Drupal commerce, providing a low cost alternative for companies looking to test the water in ecommerce or start ups.

If you are looking for help with ecommerce, you don't have to be based in Devon to contact us, we have worked with businesses across the UK. Our significant experience means that we can offer bespoke help, especially where all others have failed and where businesses need to speak to a team with experience.

Alongside our traditional and ecommerce design services, we also offer a range of alternative services. From graphic design and illustration design to a range of marketing solutions. One of our more specialist areas is Google shopping and helping customers that use the Google shopping platform to maximise their budgets. We even have in house plugins that we have developed for our clients that allow you to define custom categories based on your product prices. This means that you can maximise the use of your budget by targeting your budget to high price and high value items and is easy to apply across thousands of products.

We also provide a full Adwords and PPC management service, but with a difference. We often hear from clients that they are paying large amounts of money to agencies every month with no tangible results or even reports, in short, they don't even know if they are doing anything. We are different, we don't tie our clients into contracts from day 1 and everything that we do is reported back to the client, every month. If you are worried that you are literally paying money for nothing, please give us a call or visit

This is just one of the unique solutions that we have provided for our clients. If you want to hear more, give us a call and if you are passing through Braunton, just pop in for a coffee!

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