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The PureLocal Business Directory advertise local Australian companies showcasing customer reviews , complaint resolutions , business details and social networks.

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1. How does Pure Local ensure the quality of listed businesses?

Pure Local maintains a high-quality directory by conducting a thorough manual screening process for all public listings. This process ensures that businesses adhere to the established guidelines. Listings of businesses that have ceased operations are removed, while those resuming activities are reinstated after confirmation from the owner. Additionally, businesses may be permanently removed for involvement in spam activities, providing inaccurate information, or receiving a high volume of unresolved disputes and complaints.

2. What consumer protection measures does Pure Local have in place?

Pure Local strictly complies with Australia's Competition and Consumer Act to create a fair and equitable environment for consumers. The platform provides tools to mediate customer feedback and promptly removes inappropriate or unjust reviews. This ensures that consumers can trust the information provided on the directory and make informed decisions when choosing a business.

3. Can I reproduce or copy content from Pure Local's website?

No, reproducing, copying, or transmitting material from Pure Local's domain is prohibited without prior written consent from the copyright owner. This policy is in place to protect the intellectual property rights of the website and its content creators. If you wish to use any material from the website, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

4. How does Pure Local tailor search results?

Pure Local's user-centric search functionality provides tailored results based on service categories, reviews, and geographical location. This means that when you search for a specific service or business, the directory will prioritize relevant results based on your location and the reviews associated with the businesses. This ensures that you find the most suitable options for your needs.

5. How can businesses get listed on Pure Local?

To get listed on Pure Local, businesses need to submit their information through the website's submission process. The listing will then undergo a manual screening process to ensure it meets the established guidelines. Once approved, the business will be included in the directory, allowing them to reach a wider audience and gain exposure to potential customers.

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