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Country Music Guitar Chords & Lyrics

How many times have you heard a great country song played by your favourite singer/songwriter, and thought to yourself - wouldn't it be great if I could play the guitar like that!
Well the fact is that with the right guidance and good online guitar lessons, like the jamorama guitar course or indeed patience and understanding from your 'significant other" :) It is more than possible that you could play most country music tunes, far sooner and better than you ever imagined.

Songs like American Pie or John Denver's leaving on a Jet Plane chords, are probably far easier than you imagine - bearing in mind that an uncomplicated version of most country or blues and jazz, is usually simply a matter of changing the chord progression to suit your capabilities and understanding of the music score.

If you need some encouragement with your playing, or just looking for an example, then check out this site, where you will see FREE video tutorials, as well as the written music and lyrics for many country music favourites.

Contemporary female singer songwriters such as Taylor Swift Songs are also featured - just in case you thought this genre of music was only for the 'oldies" :)

Check it out today - you might be pleasantly surprised by the selection of country songs on offer, as well as the guitar courses available.

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